Alternatives to Chemicals in the Garden

The use of harsh chemicals on the lawn, in the garden, and in the trees is adversely affecting the environment in irreversible ways. Soil and ground water are becoming contaminated, bees are being killed off at alarming rates, and fruits and vegetables have little to no nutritional value. The taste of fresh produce is almost non-existent. People who grow vegetables in their own gardens, or prefer to enjoy flowers without killing the bees are seeking alternatives to chemicals.

Starting a compost pile in the yard or container is one way to supply natural fertiliser for a healthy garden. Coffee grounds, scraps and peels from fruits and vegetables, leaves, and lawn clippings are placed in a pile and turned with dirt every few days. Components break down and create nutrient-rich lawn fertiliser for the grass, the garden, and the trees.

The process takes time, can be unsightly, and will release an unpleasant odor. These aspects are what makes property owners think twice before beginni…
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